Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Extended break, almost over

After an extended weekend which I have found to be quite relaxing, it's almost time to jump back into the markets. I haven't done much follow-up since a brief check-in on Friday afternoon NY time after noticing AAPL down around 122. I was a bit 'worried' my call was wrong, but looking at the charts it could've gone either way. A stop below the trend line only a point, wouldn't have been touched. Plus to add on to it, the volume was low and the candlestick line not convincing either, all right before a holiday weekend. So what did AAPL do today, bullish engulfing candle and a pop up 8 points. According to the channel, there should be a bit more to come. 133.50 is next resistance, which today came close to and after that 140ish. Still holding out anyways.... Here's the chart and then I'll follow with a few more notes on my recent activities before signing off.

One final note on the content on this blog. The title is 'RealTrueFx', but you may notice no forex content, yet. The plan is to get back to trading currencies very, very soon. Like many beginning forex traders, I've managed to take my lumps and learn a few lessons the hard way. So for the past few weeks I've been getting back to basics. Some of my efforts have been shared via this site, much more practice and study has gone on in the background. I hope to share some of the technical education aspects for others in the coming weeks, and soon thereafter begin posting live trades as I enter the market or set limit orders with targets. Unfortunately, I haven't yet gained the confidence or stability needed to successfully conquer the forex markets and definitely don't want to post anything for others that might lead them astray either. So forex will wait, for a bit.

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