Thursday, June 11, 2009

AAPL, SLB, Friday charts

I've got charts for Apple and Schlumberger today. I probably have beaten them to death in the past few weeks, but honestly I'm very interested in both. I don't have Apple money, so that stock is a bit out of my range right now. I would have bought back when I recommended it at 123-24. At that time it bottomed out around 122.50 before barging forward for an 8 point bounce and continuing up to a peak of 146.40, which was pretty close to my call of 145. It then retreated to a low of 138.30 on Wednesday and tested that as new support on declining volume and declining downward price action. So what's next? A break of 138 suggests downward towards 130. A close in the next couple days above 140 confirms my bias, which is that price action was simply taking a breather on it's way back up past 145 towards 150. If I had good charting software I'd draw a Fib and further pinpoint a price target, but next significant resistance is around 152 from last August lows. Here's the chart focusing mainly on the next couple days trading though --

As for Schlumberger, it had a pretty nice surge on Thursday, peaking at almost 64 before it hit an upper trend line and market profit taking also took effect late in the day relieving the market from it's bullish run. The events helped confirm my previous projections of 65-70, or at least nearly. I was long and jumped out, in the upper wick of the candle not too far removed from the day's highs. The reason this was my preferred resistance area, was a long high volume bearish candle from October 15th 2008 which had a high of 64.81. That is the key point at the moment. Looking at my current chart, there might be some more room to move up higher to that level, but with a long wick on today's candle one has to start considering the long run might be more tilting towards correction back towards 55. An upmove wouldn't surprise me on Friday, but a close above 64.81 would. The trend line that SLB is following is pretty steep and unsustainable and a fall below it could also be easily a few points, especially with SLB being a bit volatile just as it's leading indicator crude is. A close below Thursday's open at 59.80 would further help confirm the corrective move. So here's that chart--

One last note on the S&P, STILL not a close above 947 resistance. The market tested it and after I posted earlier in the day, profit taking took hold. So, still waiting for a close above that resistance level and a clear bullish move as a signal that the rally might extend to near 1000. With the momentum on several different equities I've been watching also waning, my confidence of that extension is also waning, but my bias is still bullish until the S&P closes below 923, which is a gap that held from a week or so ago. It also looks like there might now be support in the 938 area too, which might help further the bull case. So we'll just have to see what happens in the next week or so, as I would expect some further direction either next week or after options expiration next week.

One final note, check out Alex's trading journal. The link is over on the right of this site under 'Interesting Links' --> 'Options Trading Journal' . This guy really knows his options(something I'm not that well versed in yet, but when I do start trading options I'll make sure to delve deeply into his materials over there to help me learn).
After all I'm just a simple chartist. Until next time, good trading!

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