Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SLB June 2nd

I thought I would do a follow-up on Schlumberger today, since I really don't have time for much else. SLB broke resistance today, and on top of it all gapped up at open. Support should now be at 57.66, Friday's high, or the bottom of the rising window. I hesitated, but am long at 58.86, which is not a great price, but had I waited till close, either after hours or tomorrow morning who knows what the price would have been. Either way, target is now 65-70 and even with support at 57.66, if that were to break shouldn't get below 55 for the near term. I probably won't update anything until later on Tuesday, maybe as late as European open, as I have other commitments during the day. One other quick note, no forex yet, as I haven't gotten through reading a book by Steve Nison, which is a goal of mine before I start forex again(by the way it's also for sale at Amazon and I have a link on the right side of this site if you are interested.)

Anyways, here's the chart for SLB in anticipation of today. Here's hoping the housing numbers tomorrow help further the rally from today.

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