Monday, June 8, 2009

Day Late, Hopefully Not a Dollar Short

This was meant to be posted yesterday, but sometimes things don't work as planned. So here is a bit overdue update on several things I have been watching the last few weeks. You'll notice the charts are once again different, but this time I think I've found a good program I can use locally, since I don't have decent broker data yet, called QTStalker. I am using Linux, so it is probably one of the better alternatives for the moment. As an added bonus, at least for me, it is somewhat like Metatrader which is what I had become accustomed to while trading forex. Enough of the software review, I'll save that for later, on to the charts!

Yahoo -YHOO - It's had a nice run, but looks like time for correction. I noted a couple weeks ago that a buy was in order when it returned to the lower channel line, which it never really did, but came close. Now it's at the top of the trend channel and after consolidation looks poised to continue down, but there is still some short term bullish pressure as noted by the lower wicks of the candles. Long term is still bullish, but the next several days, might be making it's way down to around 15. Not a great risk to reward though, so might even be a better idea to sit back and wait for a better move.

Teva Pharma - TEVA - I usually don't follow pharma, but I do have a small stake in this one, so I started taking a look at it. It's been ranging for a while now and looks like it just rejected resistance a couple days ago of the 48 level. In fact there is a good reversal candle there. If I were to trade, I'd short to about 42.

Schlumberger - SLB - I'm not so comfortable with this one right now as there has been no renewed momentum upward. Overall bias still remains bullish, as long as support holds between 55-56 which it has. After that, perhaps a correction downwards towards lower 50s. Beyond that, would be a change in direction totally. To the upside, still 65-70. On my trade from the other day, a close below 55 means I'm out, with a small loss of almost 4 points. Upside, hopefully about 7 points.

Apple - AAPL - Quite an impressive late day rally save Apple from closing red, but in the process formed a doji on the charts. Since this denotes confusion (and after yesterday who wouldn't be confused), exercise caution here. I wouldn't go short or long at this point. If you entered around 123, which is where I expected the bounce that then occurred, then you might think about scaling back or closing longs at this point, or just hold on and wait to see what happens. Downside is now around 135.

Petrobras - PBR - I haven't followed this closely, but as of the close yesterday, it looks like support that had been broken, has now been confirmed as new resistance. This doesn't necessarily mean we're headed south, though that is possible. It is also possible that a new channel forms and we head north, just at a slower pace. Petrobras could also push back up into the old channel, further establishing bullish action. Keep an eye on this one for the next couple days.

I'll briefly mention FAF, C, the S&P, and the Dow, even though I don't have charts to post this evening.

First American Corp - FAF - This was expected to hit around 20 support before rebounding, but looks like it bounced slightly at 21. It wasn't a convincing bounce though, so it might still head down to around 20. I'd be looking to possibly go long with price action confirmation at that point.

Citigroup - C - Well as further insult to injury, Citi broke support (when I felt bullish overall) and doesn't look to be headed up soon. I did not find a good confirmation to go long and at this point don't think I would do so. I might miss the train again, but that is a chance I will take. It's better to be confident you're right, then wondering what the hell you were doing. Right now I would not be confident enough to make a move.

The S&P - SPX - and the Dow - DJIA - both appeared to hold support. The S&P however looks to be more concerning as it tested 950 last week and failed it. For now it might range, at least as long at 947 holds as resistance and 920 holds as support. The Dow has not yet hit 9000, but I would still expect it to some time in the near future. A clean break should be bullish, a rejection not so much.

That's all for today, Good trading all!

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